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Sustainability Leadership

Empowering Sustainability Leadership through SDGs Centers in Indonesian Universities

Indonesian universities are leveraging SDG Centers to integrate sustainability leadership into their educational and operational frameworks, addressing local and global challenges.

Sustainability Leadership

Integrating Sustainability into Leadership: A Vital Approach for Organizational and Societal Prosperity

Sustainable leadership is crucial in aligning firms with environmental stewardship and social responsibility, emphasizing its impact on organizational performance and societal welfare amid climate change challenges.

SROI to Impact Management Norms

SROI to IMN Case Study 6: The 11th Power of Love Platform by Taishin Charity Foundation

Taishin Financial Holdings launched the Power of Love Platform (PLP) to involve the general public in allocating funds for non-profit organizations.

Tens of thousands of non-profit organizations are operating in Taiwan, but they vary significantly in received funds, which is not conducive to the normal development of this community. In response to this problem, Taishin Financial Holdings launched the Power of Love Platform (PLP). Through the event, it considers public opinion while distributing funds.


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Current Issue

Winter 2023

Asian Impact Management Review Winter Issue '23 focuses on impact investing, a dynamically growing industry driven by investors committed to creating social and environmental benefits alongside financial gains. This issue's Cover Story, written by Michiru Toda from Social Innovation and Investment Foundation (SIIF) on the growing momentum of impact investing and the impact economy in Japan, perfectly showcases the impact investing industry. This time, in Impacter Insights, CEO of AVPN Naina Batra talks about amplifying the voice of Asia and the changing landscape of impact investing. We also covered a Case Study by Bonnie Chiu about moving from impact measurement to managing for impact, research highlights by Weina Zhang from NUS Business School decoding common language for impact assessment, and many more.

Cover Story

The Growing Momentum of Impact Investing and the Impact Economy in Japan and Beyond

In 2023, ‘impact’ is a common language in Japan, signifying the rise of the impact economy, incorporating impact management into investment, business, consumption, and government.

Impacter Insights

Revolutionizing Philanthropy: Naina Batra’s Trailblazing Path in Asian Impact Investment

Naina Batra, CEO of AVPN, joins AIMR to discuss the groundbreaking Asian network’s journey, its role as an ecosystem builder, Asian representation, what venture philanthropy means, and paving the way for tomorrow’s leaders of Asia.

Case Study

How Impact Investors Move from Impact Measurement to Managing for Impact

To maximize positive impact, impact investors need to move from impact measurement to managing for impact, which requires a systemic integration of impact into decision-making on four levels: deal, portfolio, organization and system.