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Impact Investing

What is Catalytic Capital?

Catalytic capital fills investment gaps, accepting risk or lower returns to achieve impact. It plays seeding, scaling, and sustaining roles, aligned with blended finance.

SROI to Impact Management Norms

SROI to IMN Case Study 4: Newington Credit Union Limited 

Credit Unions in North Belfast currently encounter heated competition and rising pressure. Therefore, Newington Credit Union (NCU), to adapt to a changing landscape, expressed strong interest in knowing how much impact they bring and what they need to improve.

SROI to Impact Management Norms

SROI to IMN Case Study 3: Recycling Lives Charity and Social Enterprise

Recycling Lives Charity and Social Enterprise assisted rehabilitated people, people experiencing homelessness, and families suffering from food shortages in northwest England to survive life’s hardships.


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Current Issue

Summer 2023

Our Spring ’23 Asian Impact Management Review spotlights transparency in impact evaluation. Amidst global environmental concerns, Roger Tseng’s cover story underlines the importance of science-backed governance in impact assessments. With social investing on the rise, our regional report underscores the critical role of fintech startups in fostering transparency while battling greenwashing. Alessia Falsarone’s enlightening book review brings to light a novel toolkit for defining impact targets. Ben Carpenter’s insights redefines holistic value measurement and decision-making. Serving as your knowledge guide, this issue inspires effective strategies for a equitable world.

Organizational Report

Building Bridges for Impact: Nurturing Taiwan’s Ecosystem for Impact Investing

The future involves fostering partnerships and collaborations to address social and environmental challenges.

Case Study

Combining Impact Measurement and Management: A Case Study in Improving Elderly Care in the UK

The case study shows how combining impact measurement and management improved after-care support for elderly patients in a UK health organization. Patient outcomes improved significantly through data-driven insights, staff training, and real-time feedback.

Impacter Insights

Transforming the World with Impact Management: An Interview with SVI’s CEO Ben Carpenter

Impacter Insights from the CEO of Social Value International on four major initiatives of SVI, SVI’s relationship with the SDGs, and his take on the impact of AI.