Impact Investing

What is Catalytic Capital?

Catalytic capital fills investment gaps, accepting risk or lower returns to achieve impact. It plays seeding, scaling, and sustaining roles, aligned with blended finance.

SROI to Impact Management Norms

SROI to IMN Case Study 4: Newington Credit Union Limited 

Credit Unions in North Belfast currently encounter heated competition and rising pressure. Therefore, Newington Credit Union (NCU), to adapt to a changing landscape, expressed strong interest in knowing how much impact they bring and what they need to improve.

SROI to Impact Management Norms

SROI to IMN Case Study 3: Recycling Lives Charity and Social Enterprise

Recycling Lives Charity and Social Enterprise assisted rehabilitated people, people experiencing homelessness, and families suffering from food shortages in northwest England to survive life’s hardships.

Frontier Insights

Aligning IMM Framework with Global Standards: An Interview with Meeta Misra, Head of APAC

Meeta Misra, discusses her journey into impact measurement, challenges and opportunities in impact investing, aligning with industry standards, the role of technology, and the potential for impact bonds in Asia.

SROI to Impact Management Norms

SROI to IMN Case Study 2: Wellsprings Women’s Support Program

Australia’s female immigrants’ physical and mental health urgently needs attention and assistance, and Wellsprings for Women’s activities have indeed brought many positive changes.

SROI to Impact Management Norms

SROI to IMN Case Study 1: Local Value Chain Development In Indonesia

Knowledge is essential to poverty alleviation, especially for those who farm in areas rich in natural resources but still live in poverty. To improve access to profitable markets for smallholder farmers and producers in Indonesia, World Vision Indonesia initiated the Local Value Chain Development (LVCD) project from April 2009 to March 2012 in 16 villages on Flores Island.

Frameworks & Standards

Social Return on Investment for Greater Impact

The Social Return On Investment framework is one of the tools we can use to evaluate projects, calculate the created social impact, and therefore bring societies closer to positive change.

Frameworks & Standards

Standard Conversion as a Guardian of Impact Measurement

Standard Conversion points out the future direction of improvements in current impact measurement approaches.