Tackling Impact Washing: Integrating the Sustainability Balanced Scorecard with the SDG Impact Standards

This article argues that implementing the SDG Impact Standards would be best complemented by adopting corporate performance management tools such as the Sustainability Balanced Scorecard (SBSC). The analysis demonstrates that the SDG Impact Standards can address many of the perceived shortcomings of the SBSC.

Pioneers Post

Accounting is the Blind Spot of Economics – We Ignore it at Our Peril

Accounting is overlooked in economic theory, limiting its potential to address social and environmental challenges. It determines value distribution. Reimagine accounting as a driver of the economy, reflecting social rights and responsibilities to create a more holistic approach.

Book Review

The Impact Challenge: Reframing Sustainability for Businesses

First in the Impactful Data Science series by Taylor and Francis, The Impact Challenge defines a toolkit that helps businesses identify an organizational learning curve before developing impact targets.