Sustainability Leadership

Empowering Sustainability Leadership through SDGs Centers in Indonesian Universities

Indonesian universities are leveraging SDG Centers to integrate sustainability leadership into their educational and operational frameworks, addressing local and global challenges.

SROI to Impact Management Norms

SROI to IMN Case Study 1: Local Value Chain Development In Indonesia

Knowledge is essential to poverty alleviation, especially for those who farm in areas rich in natural resources but still live in poverty. To improve access to profitable markets for smallholder farmers and producers in Indonesia, World Vision Indonesia initiated the Local Value Chain Development (LVCD) project from April 2009 to March 2012 in 16 villages on Flores Island.

Regional Report

The Role of Social Investing and How to Ensure Its Success

Social investing, merging financial returns with social impact, is growing rapidly. Fintech startups provide credible impact measurement tools, fostering transparency. However, greenwashing poses a challenge, necessitating comprehensive impact data.