Tackling Impact Washing: Integrating the Sustainability Balanced Scorecard with the SDG Impact Standards

This article argues that implementing the SDG Impact Standards would be best complemented by adopting corporate performance management tools such as the Sustainability Balanced Scorecard (SBSC). The analysis demonstrates that the SDG Impact Standards can address many of the perceived shortcomings of the SBSC.

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The Growing Momentum of Impact Investing and the Impact Economy in Japan and Beyond

In 2023, ‘impact’ is a common language in Japan, signifying the rise of the impact economy, incorporating impact management into investment, business, consumption, and government.

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Spain Launches €400m Impact Investment Wholesaler as Market Booms

Fondo de Impacto Social – or Social Impact Fund – is announced at the GSG Global Impact Summit with an aim to further boost Spain’s thriving impact investment market.

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Aligning IMM Framework with Global Standards: An Interview with Meeta Misra, Head of APAC

Meeta Misra, discusses her journey into impact measurement, challenges and opportunities in impact investing, aligning with industry standards, the role of technology, and the potential for impact bonds in Asia.