About AIMR

Asian Impact Management Review (AIMR) is a magazine and website serving as an informative and interdisciplinary platform that facilitates idea exchange between the industry, government, and academia. This magazine provides a forum for the discussion of impact accounting and the presentation of impact management and measurement methods used worldwide.

AIMR covers a wide range of topics relevant to impact accounting, including impact measurement methods, impact standards, impact investing, sustainable leadership and finance, social business models, and more. Articles published in the magazine are written by impact leaders, politicians, and researchers from all sectors of society around the world.

AIMR is aimed at anyone concerned with creating a positive social impact. AIMR is published by the Asian Institute for Impact Measurement and Management, the benchmark centre in impact management and measurement in Asia, affiliated with National Central University in Taiwan.

AIMR Editorial Board

Chien-wen (Mark) Shen

Meng-Han Ho

Aga Koziel

Angela Lai

Linda Kuo

Marycielo Valdez Sanchez

AIMR Academic Advisory Board

Sheng-Hsiang Wang

Executive Vice President, National Central University

Wei-Hsien Li

Associate Professor, Department of Finance, National Central University

Ya-Han Hu

Professor, Department of Information Management, National Central University

Ping-Yu Hsu

Executive Vice President, National Central University

Chun-Hsiao Wang

Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management, National Central University

Yun-Hsiang Hsu

Professor, Graduate Institute of Law and Government, National Central University