Magazine Submission Guidelines

Asian Impact Management Review (AIMR) invites social impacters to share ideas that will provide informative and inspiring insights on impact management and measurement. We aim to be a platform connecting social impact leaders, politicians, and researchers from all sectors of society worldwide and sharing the knowledge that positively impacts others. We publish various articles, book reviews, case studies, and research highlights that speak to the public and private sector leaders facing impact measurement and management challenges.

We invite experienced impacters with different background levels from all countries in Asia to review the guideline and consider submitting their work related to the impact management and measurement field. To provide a broader knowledge database for our readers, we encourage impacters from countries outside Asia to share their insights and experiences on impact-related topics with our community.

Specific areas of interest for the magazine include:

  • Technology and innovation for social impact measurement.
  • Standards for measuring an organization’s social: theoretical and empirical research.
  • Development of consistent metrics for social impact management and measurement.
  • Research on indicators and metrics for social business.
  • Evaluation of social impact measurement tools and techniques.
  • Social enterprises’ human and financial resources in association with the use of social impact measurement.
  • Methods to identify social impact to attract private investors.
  • Social impact measurement as a tool for achieving greater social or reduced to be a mere reporting tool.
  • Emerging trends in impact management-oriented organizations.
  • Future directions for social entrepreneurship to increase social impact and return on investment.
  • Challenges and opportunities for social impact measurement.
  • Experimentation and analysis of social impact measurement and social enterprise developments to foster a social impact measurement culture among stakeholders.
  • Social impact measurement driven by enterprise needs or the process of dialogue among the stakeholders involved in the measuring process.
  • Case study on measuring social impact and return on investment.
  • Impact finance as a new asset assisting social innovators and entrepreneurs in developing their strategies.
  • Impact investors and the public sector in creating new opportunities for the public-private partnership.
  • Social impact investment strategies.
  • Enterprises impact investment engagement and measurement methods to calculate investment returns on social impact.
  • Producing social value in parallel to creating economic wealth to remain viable and sustainable.
  • Differences/similarities of methods adopted by public actors, social enterprises, and private funders to measure their social impacts.
Magazine articles format:

Organizational Report: profiles of innovative work

Regional Report: experiences and insights on the adaptation of one of the impact measurement and management methods

Case Study: an inside look at organizations’ impact-related projects

Research Highlights: high-point results of published research in scholarly journals

Book Reviews: reviews on new and notable titles in social value/impact creation-related topics

Impacter Insights: insights on impact management and measurement from the organization’s C-suite level

Sponsored content: an in-depth look at the approach to resolving the regional or worldwide issues

Article Submission

Submission of any kind of article must be in. docs word format. The manuscript cannot exceed 1000 words (not including title, affiliation, abstract, references, and biography), and the content must be written using 12-point, Times New Roman; double-line spacing. For the article title, authors must use 16-point, Times New Roman, bold font. Any proper noun should be written with an initial capital letter. References and citations must be in APA format. If the manuscript includes an image, attach the original file to your email or provide us with a valid link. All images should be of more than 300dpi, preferably in JPG/PNG format. They should either be your original work or be cleared of any copyright conflicts.

To submit your manuscript, write an email to with your article as an attachment. In the e-mail’s title, write “AIMR Submission: Author’s Name” (e.g. AIMR Submission: William Wordsworth). Our Editor will contact you within 5 working days to confirm your submission. If you do not receive an submission confirmation e-mail please send it again. The manuscript review will take approximately 3-4 week.

Please download the manuscript template here.

If you need more information on submitting the article, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Articles not accepted for the magazine might be considered for website open-source publication.

Copyright Policy

ORIGINALITY The manuscript that you submit to AMIR should be your original work, which does not violate or infringe the law or the rights of any third party.

PERMISSIONS Any photos, figures, or tables included in the manuscript should be cleared of copyright conflicts. Authors must obtain permission and have the acknowledgment required by the copyright owner(s) when applying them to the manuscript.

COPYRIGHT AIMR requires all authors to transfer and assign exclusive copyright, including the right to electronic and print distribution, for the article to National Central University. Authors need to warrant that the manuscript being submitted has not been published before and will not be reproduced elsewhere apart from AIMR. When AIMR is credited as the place of first publication, we grant back to authors the right to use the article for educational purposes or to share it on the author’s personal website for solely non-commercial use.