Book Review

Impact Investing and Social Enterprises: Global Progress and Challenges

Every year, thousands of impact investments are made, but what are they, what are they designed to accomplish, and what do they achieve? This book will help investors, their financial advisors and their attorneys understand what are impact investments, how to make them, and how to minimize risks.

Case Study

Unlocking Business Potential through Gender Inclusion: Insights from the Gender Smart Nexus Benchmark Report

The Gender Smart Nexus platform aids organizations in evaluating and enhancing gender inclusion. The report shows that while many enterprises recognize the importance of gender inclusion, there is substantial room for greater organizational transformation.

Research Highlights

Measuring and Communicating Social Impact: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Enterprises in Australia 

The social enterprise sector in Australia is diverse. Social enterprises are facing significant challenges in communicating and measuring impact, but opportunities are arising to build capacity in impact measurement.