Joanne Qian-Khoo

Joanne has academic and professional experience working in the social and development sectors for over a decade, managing and delivering multi-stockholder cross-sector initiatives funded by federal governments, philanthropic foundations and not-for-profit organisations. Prior to joining the Melbourne Social Equity Institute, Joanne was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Impact Swinburne and held roles in the international development field in Australia, East and Southeast Asia, across areas of poverty reduction, consumer empowerment, and social and labour compliance. Her research areas include evaluation methodology, social impact analysis and measurement, social enterprise, inclusive employment, and social economy. Keen in harnessing the power of evaluative thinking and learning, Joanne is committed to designing and supporting evidence-based social change interventions.


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Research Highlights

Measuring and Communicating Social Impact: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Enterprises in Australia