Frameworks & Standards

Standard Conversion as a Guardian of Impact Measurement

Standard Conversion points out the future direction of improvements in current impact measurement approaches.

Book Review

An Introduction to Generation Impact: International Perspectives on Impact Accounting

Editor of Generation Impact highlights important themes of the book, elucidating the imperative of impact management and impact accounting for an equitable and sustainable future.

Research Highlights

Critiquing the Commodification of Social Value

An analysis of the marketization and commodification of ‘Social Value’ within third-sector organizations, in the case of SIBs and SROI.

Case Study

Creating a Small World City: Social Impact Assessment of Noto Ryugaku, an Internship Program Established by a Private Community Development Corporation

See how a local sustainable project helps an aging region in Japan thrive and their social value report by use of SROI.

Regional Report

History of Impact in Japan and toward Impact Economy

History of Impact in Japan and SIIF An impact investor survey in Japan reported that the impact investment balance of Japanese organizations reached 1.3 trillion yen in 2021, and the Japanese impact investment market is anticipated to grow along with the development of impact measurement and management (IMM). The first milestone of the impact investment […]

Cover Story

UNDP SDG Impact Standards – Decision Making for Sustainability

Assurance Framework Lead of SDG Impact Standards explains the new flagship decision-making tool of UNDP toward sustainability and against Impact Washing.