Tackling Impact Washing: Integrating the Sustainability Balanced Scorecard with the SDG Impact Standards

This article argues that implementing the SDG Impact Standards would be best complemented by adopting corporate performance management tools such as the Sustainability Balanced Scorecard (SBSC). The analysis demonstrates that the SDG Impact Standards can address many of the perceived shortcomings of the SBSC.

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Is Your Impact Better than Mine? Impact Investors Frustrated by Inability to Compare with Peers

Impact investors face challenges in comparing results with peers, with 75% citing it as a significant issue. The Global Impact Investing Network urges leadership and data sharing for improvement.

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SROI to IMN Case Study 6: The 11th Power of Love Platform by Taishin Charity Foundation

Taishin Financial Holdings launched the Power of Love Platform (PLP) to involve the general public in allocating funds for non-profit organizations.

Tens of thousands of non-profit organizations are operating in Taiwan, but they vary significantly in received funds, which is not conducive to the normal development of this community. In response to this problem, Taishin Financial Holdings launched the Power of Love Platform (PLP). Through the event, it considers public opinion while distributing funds.

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Six Social Enterprise Essentials: A Common Accounting Framework is Now Vital

Social enterprise pioneer Freer Spreckley explains why accounting for all costs is essential – and proposes an update of the social accounting and audit system he first designed in the 1980s.

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An Interview with Dave Chen: Sustainable Finance amid Climate Change, the Transition of Human Behavioral Habits and Societal Shifts

I drive to teach the creative use of financial instruments, the creative use of capital, and the alignment of interests to create sustainable business models that are beneficial and intentionally beneficial to the environment and society. Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you started doing impact investment? I started my […]