Book Review

Impact Investing and Social Enterprises: Global Progress and Challenges

Every year, thousands of impact investments are made, but what are they, what are they designed to accomplish, and what do they achieve? This book will help investors, their financial advisors and their attorneys understand what are impact investments, how to make them, and how to minimize risks.


Tackling Impact Washing: Integrating the Sustainability Balanced Scorecard with the SDG Impact Standards

This article argues that implementing the SDG Impact Standards would be best complemented by adopting corporate performance management tools such as the Sustainability Balanced Scorecard (SBSC). The analysis demonstrates that the SDG Impact Standards can address many of the perceived shortcomings of the SBSC.

Pioneers Post

Is Your Impact Better than Mine? Impact Investors Frustrated by Inability to Compare with Peers

Impact investors face challenges in comparing results with peers, with 75% citing it as a significant issue. The Global Impact Investing Network urges leadership and data sharing for improvement.