Regional Report

The Power of Impact Investments to Make Real Change on a Regional Scale

With the Australian Government recently bringing blended finance into their international development strategy, looking at how impact investment could bring real change in the region is timely.

SROI to Impact Management Norms

SROI to IMN Case Study 2: Wellsprings Women’s Support Program

Australia’s female immigrants’ physical and mental health urgently needs attention and assistance, and Wellsprings for Women’s activities have indeed brought many positive changes.


Social Return on Investment for Greater Impact

The Social Return On Investment framework is one of the tools we can use to evaluate projects, calculate the created social impact, and therefore bring societies closer to positive change.

Research Highlights

Measuring and Communicating Social Impact: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Enterprises in Australia 

The social enterprise sector in Australia is diverse. Social enterprises are facing significant challenges in communicating and measuring impact, but opportunities are arising to build capacity in impact measurement.